Grantees in Focus

A Video Series

Through this video series, we highlight the work we, as a community, support. We answer the question of why we exist - to support the work of other in our community. Who are our donees? What do they do? How do they help our community? Ultimately, how can we help them more?

The Foundation will highlight all of our grantees in this video series and help our supporters understand exactly where their Phone-a-thon donations and support funding goes...and how important their continued support of the Foundation remains. 



Grantees in Focus Video Series

Ayuda transforms lives and strengthens communities by serving a critical role in our social fabric. In this video, Sudeep Bose interviews Madeline Taylor Diaz, Supervising Attorney from Ayuda. Attorney Taylor Diaz shares the mission of Ayuda, the challenges of the current immigration policy environment and her organization's broad spectrum of work in our community.



Grantees in Focus

Arlington County Bar Foundation Chairman, Sudeep Bose discusses the work of Arm and Arm of Northern Virginia. Executive Kelvin Manurs discusses his unique background and the challenges facing vast portions of the community.



Grantees in Focus

In the first of our video series "Grantees in Focus" Board Chairman Sudeep Bose speaks with Leah Fraley, Executive Director of SCAN of Northern Virginia and Amy Wilker, Director of the CASA program. The conversation delves into the mission of SCAN and the needs of the organization, but quickly delves into the changes and challenges of SCAN during Pandemic 2020. It is highly informative and timely.