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Sudeep Bose is awarded the Campbell-Smith-Thompson Award 2022

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Congratulations to Past Chairman, Sudeep Bose, for being awarded the Campbell-Smith-Thompson Award for 2022. This award is conferred for selfless service to the legal community of Arlington and for extraordinary contribution to the philanthropic mission of the Foundation.

During his Chairmanship and for the past six years on the Board, Bose has excelled in memorializing the rich heritage of the legal community of Arlington with his work on social media, photography and videography. He has leveraged his news media experience and business acumen to change the dynamics of how the Foundation communicates with its broad array of supporters, grantees and well wishers.

Bose's tenure as Chairman of the Board from 2020-2021 was challenging. With the assistance of the other Directors of the Foundation, he was able to complete the most successful grant season in recent history, collecting more support from donors than during any grant season in recent memory.

He was successful in bridging communication and contact with Foundation grantees, encouraging their efforts to fulfill their core missions. Leveraging his reverence for legal history and its significance to the modern practice of law, Bose redigitized and rebroadcast media from the early days of the Foundation, taking the Foundation to a new age in technology while memorializing its past for new Directors and leaders of the Bar.

Congratulations, Sudeep!

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